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How Bandits Hide Bullets Not To Be Recognised By Any Person, Types Of Guns Bandits Use

Nation Media Group released a documentary about bandits' life. The bandits' reign of terror over North Rift residents has lasted for quite some time, and now the Kenyan government is thriving hard to eliminate banditry in the region.

Joseph Chesang, a former police reserve officer from the porous Kesumet in Baringo North, claims that the bandits' familiarity with weapons at such a young age is evidence that they are receiving training from knowledgeable individuals, such as ex-soldiers. Chesang, who worked as a veteran reservist for seven years, claims that the bandits frequently use AK-47s and G3. The bandits hide bullets in water containers not to be recognized by any person and are always well-armed.

Another reservist by the name of Jackson Chemjor affirmed that the invading bandits are well-equipped and capable of fighting all day. Chemjor spent seven years patrolling the perilous Chemoe border in Baringo North.

Five people were reportedly killed when bandits attacked villages in Samburu, as reported by the police. Firearms and ammunition were found and confiscated by security personnel.

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