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Israel-Palestine Conflict

The recently advanced conflict between Israel has been going on for more than a week now. Based on the BCC news, approximately 240 individuals have lost their lives, Palestinians being the highest number. Israel moved to some part of Palestine where it has implemented restrictions, while Palestine is resisting the Israel actions hence leading to violence.

Although the fighting has been going on for decades, the United Nations and the USA seem to be disregarding what's happening, with no effort made to stop the conflict. The tension between Palestine and Israel began when Britain was given a responsibility, by the international community, to establish a national home for the Jewish people, to live in Palestine.

From the Jews perspective, Palestine is their ancestral home, while Arabs, living in Israel, claim to own the land. A significant number of Palestinian refugees, who have been displaced due to the conflict that has lasted for decades, live in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel has restricted them from returning to their homes.

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