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Kenya Air Force Dominates East Africa In latest Millitary Rankings; Ethiopia Comes Second

Kenya has a stronger air force compared to the other East African countries according to the latest report released on the millitary size of different countries.

Photo:Kenya Air force Chopper(Courtesy)

According to the report Kenya leads in the number of weaponry and fighter jers followed by Ethiopia which comes second while Uganda and Tanzania are third and fourth respectively according to the report.

The air force is an important aspect of the millitary as it offers co ordination to the land officers while at the same time the choppers are used ro transport soldiers from one place to another faster and is more safer than road.

Currently Kenya has contributed her soldiers in various peace mission including in Somalia and in the Democratic Republic of Congo where they have been actively involved in the United Nations peace keeping missions.Kenya is also a member of the powerful United Nations security council as a temporary member.

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