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Revealed: Why Terrorists in India Are Erasing Their Islamic Names

Terror organizations in India have now adopted a new way of camouflaging the long arm of the law. With terrorism largely associated with Islamic names, terrorists have largely changed their names into names of extremism.

The move is to portray their organization as that of anti-government movements and not terrorist organizations. As reported by ANI, security agencies established the move after trailing telegram channels that shared instructions on how to do the same.

The recent rise in the killings of civilians has pushed security agencies to crack down on terrorists. A few weeks ago two teachers were killed, which led to demonstrations across the region. Police officers revealed that the terror groups were using their agents in normal chores in the streets and arm them with small weapons when they have identified a target.

India has for long pointed fingers on Pakistan who they blame for the rise in terrorism. Gun smuggling from the country is believed to be the topmost factor. 

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