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Meet Kenya's Lethal All Female Swat Team Unlike Any Other in Sub-Saharan Africa

Aside from the Recce squad and the Long Range Surveillance Force, Kenya has another lethal unit known as the RDU, which uses tactics similar to the Swat team in the United States.

The all-female Kenyan SWAT team is made up of 48 commandos who are all members of the administrative police force (AP) and have been trained to deal with Al-Shabaab terrorists and armed gunmen in close combat.

The group has been taught to utilize a variety of firearms, explosives, and homemade explosive devices (IEDs).

They also know how to do judo, karate, and taekwondo. The unit also features some of the region's greatest sharpshooters.

The first batch of SWAT team members went through a five-month physical and combat training program.

During the first portion of their 15-month training program, the crew patrolled Nairobi on foot and in all-terrain vehicles.

They were first seen in public in 2020, at former President Daniel Arap Moi's funeral.

Although they have yet to be involved in a real mission equivalent to Kenya's elite Recce squad and National Police Service Special Operations Unit, the unit works in groups of 10 with highly competent combat and tactical women.

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