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Weapons M23 Rebels Posses That Make Them Look Like Conventional Army

Thank you again my dear readers and welcome warmly to my daily news updates.

An M23 rebel is a group that is fighting the Democratic Republic of Congo government. In the year 2013, the M23 fighters were defeated by Congo's Army(FARDC) and MONUSCO forces. But again the militia began to reemerge in late 2021. It is now causing problems in DRC and it is progressing towards Goma City which they have vowed to seize.

Why is the DRC's army unable to defeat these M23 rebels this time around? Details reveal that the M23 militants appear as a conventional army rather than an armed group. They are now possessing firepower and equipment which is sophisticated like mortars, Machine guns, and much other ammunition.

It should be remembered that EAC and Great Lakes Region forces are DRC as they try to push the M23 back to their initial positions. At the same time leaders from this region met three days ago in Luanda Angola whereby they agreed that M23 rebels have to stop fighting and withdraw from major towns before the peace talks commence.

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