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What do Fighter Pilots Keep in Their Pockets?

In military Aviation,every piece of kit or gear that a fighter pilot wears is made for a specific purpose both tactically and safety wise.And we know buying military jets and training fight pilots costs the government alot of money.

Flight suits that are worn by fighter pilots are usually recognized by there distinguishing features.Most important is that they are fire resistant.Made of nomex material,this flight suits can withstand heat upto 700°f.And in intense heat,it's fibers thicken and carbonize, there by absorbing heat energy.This prevents the pilot from being burnt incase fire occurs in the cockpit.With that lets get more familiar;

The pockets

Many pockets on the flight suit have practical use during flight because the cockpit can rather cramped and pilots always need a convenient and readily reachable place to put small important equipments during their practice and on duty missions.

Flight suits for fighter pilots are designed with multiple pockets to military standards.Typically the flight suit will have six pockets minimum but some military make eight pockets.

Different militaries use different locking system for their pockets,some prefer zippers,while others choose Velcro fastening.

All the pockets are located on the front side of the flight suit.Located on the arms and legs and not on the back.This is so because when the pilot is strapped into the seat he/she should be able to access all the pockets.Moreso they should be open or closed using one hand for easy access.

Placing a gun

Some pilots carry a gun which can be used for self defense and to shoot animals that may attack them incase there fighter jet gets shot down.The pistol is holsterd on the upper pocket so as their magazines.Most carry a standard issued Beretta 9mm gun.The gun is kept on the upper jacket for safety and accessibility.

Leg pockets

They can be used to place flight maps and also carry note pads where they can do some calculations.

Pocket to connect oxygen mask

The flight suits have pockets to connect the g-suits.The g- suits have inflatable air bladders that need to be manually adjusted.This helps keep blood pressure in the upper body and head to prevent hypoxia during high manuerves and dog fights 

In the event of ejection

Safety kits are put on the upper jacket pockets.They are very neccesary to help the fighter pilot survive until help/rescue arrives.In those pockets you will find finger lights, pocket radio and beacon.Small bottle of drinking water.

And a pocket knife to cut the parachute harness after landing.

Lastly on top of the flight suit is the life preserver unit.

This is kept around the pilots neck and clips on the flight suit.Its very vital in that it automatically inflates(even if the pilot is incapacitated) when a pilot lands in water after an ejection.And Incase he lands on trees or rough terrain,the preserver unit provides an additional head and neck support during a rough landing.So in conclusion those pockets can at times be customized to carry different equipment depending on the mission at hand.Thank you.

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