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Remember This Brave GSU Officer During DusitD2 Attack? See Why Kenyans Are Talking About Him Today

On 15th January 2019, DusitD2 complex was attacked by terrorists who were killing people inside the building mercilessly. 22 people sadly died plus the 5 terrorists attackers. One of the GSU Officer showed his bravery and risked his life to save dozen of people from the building under the attack.

(Photo| Ali Kombo Rescuing People Outside The Complex)

The name of the brave GSU Officer, has been revealed and Kenyans online have continued showering him with praises. The solo GSU Officer with a rifle, sheltered Kenyans who were coming from the building by watching their back.

(Photo| Courtsey)

The brave GSU Officer is called Ali Kombo and today he is celebrating his birthday. His bravery and willingness to serve and protect the people of Kenya, will definitely earn him more blessing and more life in this earth.

In one photo, he could be seen protecting more than 7 people, the scared innocent people were behind him as he tries to locate the terrorists inside the building before taking them to safety.

(Photo| Courtsey)

Happy birthday Ali Kombo and may God bless you to live a long life.

(Photo| Courtsey)

(Photo| Courtsey)

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