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(Photo) Taliban Fighter Poses With An AK-47 Assault Rifle Inside Afghanistan's Parliament

The Taliban fighter are currently in the process of establishing a government in Afghanistan. This is after the withdrawal of US government soldiers from the country. Afterwards the Afghan Army soldiers were overwhelmed and shocked by the Taliban's rapid advances and battlefield gains. The Taliban captured very many provincial capitals within weeks leading them closer to the capital Kabul.

However, under instructions by their leaders, the Taliban fighters did not attempt to storm the capital by force but instead surrounded it leaving the government with no other choice but to give up power. The President of Afghanistan fled the country to Uzbekistan claiming that he wanted to avoid bloodshed.

Today, photos appeared showing Taliban fighters having taken their command posts in the capital. One photo however, showed a Taliban fighter posing with his AK-47 assault rifle inside the empty Afghanistan's parliament. This is according to a social media statement by The RAGEX News. The statement read, "Taliban militant poses with his AK-47 assault rifle in the Kabul parliament."

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