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Why KDF Soldiers Are Not Treated In Public Hospitals

For the security of a nation, Kenya Defence forces are not people to joke with. They do all it takes to make sure that the country is safe. Therefore, they are supposed to have good health and distance themselves from the public when it comes to health matters. Although not enough, auditing of the their health facilities is done frequently and with alot of confidentiality. Moreover, treating them in private facilities prevents leakage of their confidential information. 

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Security experts explains that treating a soldier in a public hospital may expose them to their enemies. That most hospitals are not protected well to keep details of patients. Moreover, handling of their injuries needs a lot of privacy.

Most of the times, security officers work in war zones. Therefore, they might undergo mental trauma. During treatment, one of the things that their doctors consider is to monitor their mental health. Some of them migh be badly affected by the things they see in war.

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Lastly, millitary hospitals provide good cover for the soldiers. As they go to protect the country in war zone areas, they can stock necessary medical requirements without causing an alarm. They can also be treated in privacy without the enemies knowing the extend of their wounds.

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