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The Amount Of Money Kenya Spends On Its Military

Over the past few years Kenya has been working on its military and this has earned it a great position in Africa as well as the world in terms of its military. The number of people in the army has been rising and new sophisticated ammunition has been acquired.

When compared with other African nations, Kenya is actually among the top countries that have the strongest army and the best weapons. To achieve this, money is used. Do you know the amount of money that is used to achieve all these?

As of 2020 Kenya used $1,106 million for training and equipping the military. In 1971 only 22 million was used for the military. This means that each year that has passed there has been a 10.26% increase in the amount of money expenditure in the military.

With development and technology improving daily, this amount is bound to increase and Kenya will be among the most equipped military counties in Africa.

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