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The Meaning Of Different Color Berets Worn By Soldiers

In our lifetime we have interacted with different types of soldiers and most probably we have studied their behavior. One thing however that most people don't concentrate on is the color of the berets they wear. If you can try to remember, there are berets of different colors.

They are not worn differently because the police belong to different squads, you can find different berets in the same police unit. In this article, I will share with you what the different colors of the berets mean.

Green - these are worn by the special forces and that is why they are always referring to as the green berets.

Tan - Tan berets are worn by the rangers.

Black - this are mostly worn on special occasions.

Scarlet - this berets are worn by combat air controllers.

Dark blue berets - worn by the security forces.

Sage green - these are worn by those who teach survival tactics, evasion, resistance and escape.

Maroon - these are specially worn by the men who jump out of planes.

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