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The Simple Meaning of the Abbreviation "AK-47" and Jail Term for Possessing one Illegally

Just as I have stated, it is so simple to discern its meaning. It does not require statistics and comparison of features plus a brain thumbing discussion or thinking. Its name originated from history. A name that became known worldwide as the most popular rifle. Its popularity came with the fact that it is easy to use and repair.

This riffle has been used for the past 74 years. It is a reliable rifle and capable of taking a beating. In Kenya, it is mostly used by bandits, who own it illegally, and police officers and soldiers, who own it legally.

The full name of this riffle is Kalashnikov model 1947. It is the most widely used shoulder weapon in the world. You can now begin seeing features similar to the riffle's name. There is a 47 somewhere and a K too. Now, AK represents "Avtomat Kalashnikova," this is Russian, which means automatic Kalashnikov. Kalashnikov was its designer and 1947, where the 47 was derived from, was the year it was designed. Owning this riffle in Kenya without a license n is illegal and attracts a penalty of life imprisonment.

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