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Mistakes From Soldiers The KDF Does Not Take Lightly and Soldiers Cannot Afford to Commit

We are all humans created with perfection but still have got weaknesses irrespective of who you are. However, in the KDF and any other force, soldiers are expected to remain highly disciplined.

There are various mistakes that the KDF disciplinary committe does not take lightly when soldiers commit them. One such mistake is dessertion; in other words, this is abandoning duty without official communication.

Dessertion is punished severely as a soldier may be court martialled and dismissed from duty immediately. Another mistake that a soldier cannot afford to commit is leaking secrets of the service.

Crucial information about the force and its operation must be guarded jealously so that they do not leak to the enemy. In the military, intelligence is everything and the army relies on this to win war.

Although soldiers are regarded as disciplined, some have faced the rough side of the law for going against it. Do you think KDF punishment is usually harsh?

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