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Recent Updates For Russian-Ukraine War

Turkey has closed its airspace to Russian civilian and military planes. Which is a problem, because now Russian planes will now have to fly 1500 miles out of the way just to get to Syria which is like 700 miles away. Turkey appears to be a little aggravated with the whole Russia doing war thing. Turkey,a NATO member, is almost completely surrounded by Syria,Russia and Ukraine,and has more of a stake in this then anyone else.

Something that is happening right now is a series of explosions in the occupied city of kherson.

The explosions were near the TV tower. All Russian TV stations have gone off the air. Russian sources say there will be a “referendum” on joining Russia to be held in May.

For the second night in a row, a series of explosions were heard across Russia for the second night in a row with an ammunition depot in Belgorod and a fuel storage facility 200 miles into Russia.

Australia sends six more 155mm M777 howitzers to add to 70 that have already made it into Ukraine.

One week into the new phase, everyday,there are 5–10 smaller scale battles on a winding and changing several hundred mile front,with constant shelling on both sides. There's no doubt that the coming week will be the bloodiest since WW2 with conventional forces over 300,000 in a 200 radius and countless tonnage of armaments set to battle over a bunch a grass. But, it's Ukraine's grass.

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