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Rapid Deployment Unit - The Lethal Police Unit of Kenya Police

When Kenya has suddenly come under a terrorist attack, most probably, the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) officers will be the first to arrive. These are specially trained police officers who counter terror attacks.

RDU is an elite squad capable of quick deployment to areas affected by insecurity. Its mission is to maintain peace in affected areas as promptly as possible.

It consists of special SWAT team that can reach any part of the country to handle complex conflicts. Alongside RDU is also the Border Patrol (BPU) unit which mostly guards Kenyan borders.

They ensure the border is not porous and bandits cannot smuggle goods from one Kenya into another country and vice versa. All these officers enlist into the police force as normal police officers.

Later, they are categorized into different units to address different problems. Meanwhile, do you think our police force is capable? Share with us your thoughts.

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