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Why A Gun Bursts Into A Flame At The Nozzle When Firing A Bullet

Guns are products of technology. Guns are one of the widely used weaponry for defense purposes. There are different types of guns and each has its capabilities.

When a gun is firing bullets, it usually gets very hot at the nozzle and if the firing continues for long, the heat may spread to the other metallic parts of the gun. In some instances the gun usually busts into a flame of fire if firing persists for a long time.

This is usually common with big guns. When a bullet leaves the gun, it does that in a very high speed and in the process it scratches the walls of the nozzle. Due to friction, heat is produced. The heat then sparks some light which is visible as the bullet escapes.

At some point the nozzle may get very hot that the metal reaches its melting point and it falls off. This is why a shooter gives the gun some time to cool before he can continue to shoot.

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