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Meet The Most Protected People in the World

Being the most protected person in the world has been the most admired privilege everyone has yearned to access. This has led to numerous people fighting for prominence to get protection against rivals. The enlisted people below are some of those who have ever been highly protected beyond normal.

Vladimir Putin

Russia President is the most protected person in the world with over 3000 bodyguards with armored cars and a dedicated security unit that collects info on perceived threats.

Kim Jong Un

Of course the North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong Un has to make this list.

His team comprises of 12 highly trained martial artists who jogs alongside his limousine whenever he travels, he also have over 90,000 soldiers for his protection.

Pope Francis

The most protected religious leader in the world who lives in probably one of the more heavily armored cities in the world, Vatican City, a city-state by Rome, Italy.

He’s under the protection of Swiss guard, the longest standing military in the whole world.

Vladimir Lenin (The most protected corpse)

His body has been on 24/7 protection for over 95 years. It’s rumored that the soldiers are told that the body of Lenin is the most important thing that Russia has. 

El Chapo(real name Hawkin Guzman)

The drug lord is under watch 24/7 by armed guards who also have armed guards watching over them.

He has to sleep in a different cell each night, and the dogs who help guard him also have to taste his food in case of poisonings.

A 12-year old girl in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

went missing for a week after she was abducted by seven men who tried to force her to marry one of them.

By the time she was found she was being guarded by three lions, which seemed to have chased off her abductors.

When she was found, it was said that the lions calmly left her side back into the forest with the zero confrontation.

It’s said to be a miracle considering the fact lions eat humans for fun/food often in this region.

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