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Some Bizzare Aspects Considered During The KDF Recruitment in Kenya

Kenya Defence Forces(KDF) conducts its recruitment exercise every one year countrywide. Nonetheless, do you understand the other requirements indifferent from the obvious ones? Those who recruit examine some of the most extraordinary factors.

Your Skin Colour.

What you should know is that KDF's tagline on skin colour is; the darker one is the fairer. Admit it or not, a light-skinned person will find it tough to enter this service no matter how eligible they are. Explanation rendered by KDF for this decision is the assumption that these sorts of people are 'soft' and can hardly deal with the rival in times of war. This viewpoint is somewhat outrageous because skin colour is fully genetic and physical which can't be taken as a measure of bravery or intellect. It is identical to deducing that somebody with big eyes sees well. The breadth and shape of the eye are genetic and it doesn't in any way affect the objective of the organ. Remember, somebody could be as dull as ever and yet be a weakling. The different justification that prompts KDF to take this intersection is that light-skinned people reflect light and can therefore conk out the location of the battalions to their enemies. I lack phrases here. Does this mean that overseas countries don't have troopers? In my conclusion, this is an evident bias against light-skinned Kenyans.

Having A Rude Face.

Soldiers are anticipated to have no emotions. They should all the time be cool. Any indication of moods will get you out. The dilemma here is who identifies feelings and what criteria are they using to verify the 'rude face'. That face that may appear rude to you may not seem the same way to others. Who defines the threshold of rudeness? This is irrational as it is subjective.

Having a grade higher than the normal D

Grades like Bs and As raise eyebrows for many recruiters. They would instead choose people with lower grades. The objective for this is still dubious.

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