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Inside Recce Squad Specialist Units

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The recce squad is one of the country's most dreaded security units drawn from the General Service unit after completion of basic training college.

Nonetheless, recce in our motherland Kenya is always behind any volatile enemy lines.

They collect susceptible information and neutralize certain eventualities before embarking on door end mission.

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Volunteers to the recce squad unit before flying for overseas training, they undergo short exemplary talent in both field and academic events.

Magadi Field Training camp, Solio Ranch and Ruiru colleges offer field and academic skills and knowledge to the recruits before they fly for overseas training.

In addition, Kenya usually partners with the USA, United Kingdom, and Israel to impart necessary skills and knowledge to its forces.

However, the selected few are flown out of the country for rigorous training that normal men can not stand.

The highly recommend military training overseas include anti-terrorism , security of critical installation, VIP protection, sky Marshalling, detonating and handling explosives and rescue operations.

Indeed their training and tasks are not for faint-hearted. It need courage and endurance in both training and operation fields.

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