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2 Things KDF Recruiting Officers Do To Recruits Before Performing Medical Checkup

If you have once got the chance to witness a KDF recruiting process, chances are that you did not fail to see recruits being subjected to various activities. One of them is medical check up which is mandatory for every person who wants to join the KDF.

This check up is done to ensure those picked are healthy and have no medical problems as they await the tough training ahead. However, before this check up, recruiting officers normally conduct the following two things.

1 Check The Credentials of The Recruits

KDF officer checking credential of recruits

Recruits need to fulfill every requirements listed in the advert. These include their academic credentials, proof of citizenship, and any other necessary documents. Missing any of these could mean going back home.

2 Subjecting Recruits to Strenous Exercises

KDF officer leading recruits through an exercise

This is done to warm the body up in preparation for the check up. It aids in revealing the correct medical results. Have you ever gone for this process? What was your experience?

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