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Why do Fighter Pilots Wear Overalls?

In the airforce,this overalls are called Flight Duty Uniforms(FDU)/or flight suits and it's the standard work outfit both inside and out of the fighter jet.Other than looking cool they are more about functionality.

There colors,style and cut designs vary from country to country in military airforce across the globe.But mostly they can be tan for desert camouflage or sage green for other environments.

This colors make the fighter pilots blend in rather than standout from other military soldiers and additionally it's for security and to protect their identities when necessary.And with that let see more details

1) The nomex flight suit

Starting from the inside,the fighter pilots are required to wear a CWU27/P nomex flight suit underneath everything else.This suit is built to military standard specifications.The designs are inclusive of both men and women fighter pilots.

The suit is flame resistant,chemical spill resistant and radiation resistant.More so it helps, to protect the pilot from harzads like fire and electric arcs that may occur during their flight to and from missions.

2) The G-suit.

Over the flight suit,fighter pilots often wear an anti-gravitational suit.This helps to minimize the discomfort a fighter pilot experiences from the high gravitational forces bearing down on them during high acceleration maneuvers.

High G-forces can make a fighter pilot to pass out or loose consciousness which can be a potential and fatal situation.Its worth noting that even with a G-suit, fighter pilots still have to undergo rigorous training to increase their G-tolerance.With proper training,pilots can withstand about six times the force of gravity.

A G-suit increases their tolerance further such that they can perform up to 7.6 G-manuerves.The G-suit hooks in to the aircraft via a hose and is equipped with an acceleration-sensitive system that pumps air into the bladders as needed.It begins to inflate automatically above 4.5G-forces and inflates fully at 6G-forces.

Lastly the flight suits are have an inner lining.This helps to keep the fighter pilot warm when they are in cooler air of high altitude.And in case of an ejection and they happen to land in water,the lining can keep them warm for more than ten hours.As technology improves better quality flight suits are being designed.Thank you.

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FDU Flight Duty Uniforms( G-suit


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