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A Sneak Peek at $110 million Angel of Death

Introduction to the F-35 Lightning

The United States does what arguably many nations can't do. For instance, her defense budget is way too enormous, can go up to twenty times the gross budget of some nations. With this kind of budget, the US Military can accomplish virtually anything. Today we look at her hypersonic multirole fighter jet. This is not the common F-22 Raptor but a rather infamous F-35 Lightning. As the name suggests, it flies at lightning velocity and its maneuverability can not be matched to anything seen before. So what are the attributes of this angel of death?

Features unique to the F-35 Lightning

The plane is manufactured by Lockheed Martin in partnership with Northrop Grumman, renowned aircraft manufacturers based in the US. The design of the F-35 Lightning features an active electronically scanned array(AESA) fire-control radar which gives the aircraft unrivaled capability in air-to-air and air-to-surface missions, aided by remarkable electronic warfare system, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance functions. This aircraft also features a distributed aperture system (DAS) providing synchronic modes of situational consciousness, infrared search, and track, incoming missile warning and navigation never seen on any other aircraft even the raptor.

Lightning Standings

As of now, there are over Six-hundred F-35s deployed by the US department of defense to 26 ground bases and aircraft carriers on the planet. These planes have more than twelve hundred dedicated pilots and over ten thousand maintenance officers ensuring the aircraft are always mission ready. There are three variants of the F-35s, namely: F-35A (Designed for conventional take of and landing. Used by the US Army), F-35B (This one is designed to take off and land vertically through a vertical take of and landing system[VTOL System], it is used by the marines.) and the F-35C (designed to take off and land on aircraft carriers, used by the US Navy). Kindly follow my channel for updates on military aircraft around the world, like share and comment.

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