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3 Countries That Don't Have Armed Military Forces

Costa Rica

Costa Rica does not have armed forces. Since 1949, there have been no any armed forces in the country. Police forces are used for defense. This country is protected by the united state and it proclaimed its permanent and unarmed neutrality in 1983.


Dominica is an Island state in the lesser Antilles in the eastern pacific. The island of Dominica has a police force that's used to defend the country and maintain law and peace. It also has coast guard and no armed military forces.


Grenada is an Island that's is found in the lesser Antilles which is in the Caribbean sea. Since the island was invaded by the united states in 1983 does not have a military force. Instead, the country has a police force that is called Royal Grenada police , it also acts as the coast guard and it's used to maintain law and order in the country.

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