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The Role Of Field Marshall Muthoni In Mau May.

The British established the East Africa Protectorate in 1895,from 1920 known as Kenya colony according to historian.They wanted to protect it's commercial interests in East Africa.This resulted in civil liberties in Kenya and many Kenyans especially Akikuyu were forced to move a way from their land and were forced to work for the white in the farms with little or no wages.To fight for their independence,Kenyans heroes and heroins established Mau Mau secred Society of which it's main goal was to eliminate the white farmers into leaving their highlands.It was led by Dedan kimathi.The reactions by colonial administration was a fierce cracdown which resulted in many deathsDethan Kimathi led the armed military struggle against the British coloniàl regime in Kenya in 1950s until 1957.He credited with a leading efforts to create formal military structure within the Mau Mau in convening a war council in 1953.In the line of war there was heroin Field Marshall Muthoni.A brave woman whose role was merits to the soldiers in the Jungle.She have to be imitated by all Kenyan women.She resolve to fight for independence to free her people and her country.She was atrader who use trade opportunity to get information from the british and take it to the soldiers in the forests.She cooked for them,bought grenades and treat the injured soldiers.

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British East Africa Protectorate Kenyans Mau Mau Mau May


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