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8 Most Badass Military Vehicles Ever Made


This insane, curiously low, wide looking armored military vehicle is still in service for the German and Dutch armies. The vehicles can be equipped with variety of weapons.


This Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle is designed such that it can dropped outside enemy anti aircraft range, it goes behind enemy line to retrieve crew. The features that make this vehicle so incredible include a 430 hp engine propel, light in weight and chunky tires. Also, it can be fit aboard a variety of aircraft

Cougar 6 by 6

Very few soldiers have lost their lives by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) while riding in this vehicle. In the picture above, shows a stricken US army Cougar, all occupants in the vehicle survived after an IED went off underneath it. What makes this vehicle so successful against IEDs is its V-Shaped hull which deflects the force of the explosion away from the vehicle

Caspian Sea Monster

This is neither a plane nor a boat; it is something like a mix of both. It was able to curry more cargo than a conventional aircraft and it was faster than a ship. However, it was too large and never progressed from its lengthy experimental periods. It later crashed and sunk due to its weight where it could not be recovered.

BvS 10 ‘Viking’

This vehicle is known to UK forces and it consists of a 2.2 meter, 5 tone front car and 2.1 meter and 3.5 rear car built by BAE System. It is fully amphibious and it can also go through any terrain you stick in front of it.


This vehicle has already been replaced in some capacities with MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles like the one I have mentioned above, Cougar. However, it has been on service for more than 30 years and this makes it one of the most iconic vehicles ever built

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Badass Cougar German Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle


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