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Citizen TV's Hassan Mugambi Graduates After Receiving Special Training From Turkish Special Forces

Citizen TV reporter Hassan Mugambi(Photo/Courtesy).

Renowned Citizen TV reporter Hassan Mugambi has been out of the country for more than one week after flying to Turkey to undergo special training from Turkish special forces. The acclaimed journalist received intense training from Turkish soldiers on how to cover war stories.

He has been sharing photos and videos on his Instagram page training with the soldiers alongside other journalists from different countries who mostly cover war stories.

He graduated today after 12 days of vigorous training that saw him get vital military skills that will help him in the field, especially when covering war stories

He proudly flaunted his certificate after graduating and said the training was tough, tactical, and realistic.

"12 days, 26 courses, 108 hours in class, 62 hours in the field this was the 21st Term of War Journalism training program by the Turkish Special Forces. Tough Tactical and realistic," he wrote.

Mugambi is one of the most accomplished investigative journalists in the country. In 2018, he flew to Somalia and complied a documentary dubbed on the Frontline, which highlighted the war between Kenyan soldiers and members of the dreaded AL-Shabaab terror group.

Kenyans hailed him for his bravery after he joined the soldiers on the battlefield.

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