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The Kenya Navy In Mourning As A The Kenya Navy In Mourning As A Young Soldier Drowns During Training

The Kenya Navy are mourning the death of their fellow soldier who drowned while in training. Abdallah Mwavioni was at his normal deep water training when he capsized and not to be seen. The body of the Kenya Navy soldier is yet to be found and the search is still on going to find his corpse. The incident happened late evening of Saturday.The young soul had not yet done with his training and just graduated recently from the RTS in Eldoret passing his first step graduation.

It's sad for the nation and also the families and friends of the late soldier. His efforts to become the best and protect his nation will forever be on the minds of many who knew him. The special trainings and tactics are not easy and any soldier graduating from them deserves respect. The Kenya Navy had launched special trainings and other weapons to improve on the military know how and tactics. This is all designed to improve the security of the nation.

Protection against the sea Invaders isn't an easy task and responsibility as well. Therefore the soldiers need to be more trained to curb the sea criminal activities. The pirates are usually very skilled and would not be detected once in the waters. The improvement of the military security has completely helped reduce the risks of kidnapping at the coastal areas. Prior to that there were cases of tourists getting kidnapped or even killed by the pirates and Somali militias.

The government learned about the coastal insecurities and beefed up the security by adding more equipments, weapons and of course more training to the solders assigned the coastal regions. The coastal region has always been among the leading income generating regions. Having counties that are rich in tourism attractions. The beaches and beautiful scenes will always need security to attract lots of tourists and investors as well. May the gone soldier find his rest even as the see diverse are still looking for his body. May his family and friends find comfort during the mourning period.

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