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Here are the Details of this Legendary Combat Rifle, Take a Look

The internet has hundreds of articles about the AK-47, but very few or none on the legendary G3. Unlike the AK-47 and other ordinary assault rifles, G3 is a full-point battle rifle. Battle rifles use prerogative bullet cartridges, while assault rifles like the m16s and AK-47 use transitional cartridges. Prerogative cartridges are more lethal than transitional ones, and they generate massive recoil force. Apart from the United States, most other nations have this German weapon in their armories.

The Germans developed this deadly rifle in the mid-1950s, then introduced it to service later that decade. It has served since its introduction, and it’s likely to serve forever. Its initial production firm was Hackler and Koch, but as demand increased, other companies had to come on board and speed up production under a licensed program. These companies included the renowned Rheinmetall, among others. Together, they have manufactured close to one billion units and supplied them to over 90 countries. The weapon has five variants weighing differently, but the average mass stands at 4.6 kg when loaded with a 40 rounds magazine. It fires between 500 to 600 ammunition per minute at a muzzle speed of 2880 km/h, enough to penetrate glass without shuttering it. G3’s have deadlier shots than assault rifles, and their strong recoil force requires a sturdy soldier for appropriate handling. You can find more information on this rifle here. Follow this channel for all military reviews and insights. Don’t forget to like, share and comment.

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