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8 Killed 17 Injured And Millions Of Property Destroyed After A Bomb Explosion

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Criminal activities are one of the common problems that are affecting developing countries in Africa. Political powers and the hunger for leadership between the opposition and the ruling party have led to disagreements all over the nation. Somalia is one of the nations that terror attacks happen now and then. Al-Shabab attacks have been one of the terrorists in that nation.

Today, according to the reports, a total of eight people have been killed leaving 17 others injured. This is after a bomb exploded in the Capital City, Mogadishu, Somalia. It is reported that the attackers were targeting the convoy that guides the United Nations staff.

Until now, no group has spoken about the attack to claim that they conducted the bomb attack. Properties have been destroyed after the bomb exploded in the city. It is very painful to lose the lives of people while others just want to be in power. What remedy can be used to solve some of these terrorist activities?

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Al-Shabab Capital City Mogadishu Somalia


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