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Top 3 Facts About The Kenya Military Academy (KMA) - Where Senior Kenyan Soldiers Are Made

The Kenya Military Academy (KMA) is a strategic component of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). It is the institution tasked with preparing future senior military officers who take over from retired Generals and Major Generals.

Located in Lanet, Nakuru county, the area is furnished with structures necessary to be used in converting civilian recruits to military officers. Below is a list of top 3 facts about this place many Kenyans don't know.

It is a Military Barracks

Despite being an educational area, KMA is a full military barracks containing all military installations. It is highly guarded and not anyone is allowed through. However, during passouts, parents may be allowed to enter to witness the event.

It Has an Established Educational Center

Cadet military officers training at the academy usually study and later graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Military Science. The academy has an established learning centers that makes it possible for these cadet officers to receive their lectures and do their exams.

It Has Training Areas and Graduation Square

KMA sits on a large tract of land. Although it is surrounded by a civilian neighborhood, it still has space for offering military training and a graduation square used for passout ceremonies.

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