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(Photos) Little Boy Spotted Following Unconcerned Russian Special Forces During A Mine Clearing Op.

The Russian military has been in Syria since September 2015. Various Russian military assets are in the country such as warships off the coast of Syria, fighter jets in various Russian operated air bases and special forces. This year, Russia also deployed Tu-22Ms bomber to the Hmeymim airbase in Syria with the aim of enhancing the stability in the region.

Today, military analyst who calls himself Tom, posted a video on one of his twitter page showing a small child following Russian special forces soldiers during a mine clearing operation in Northern Syria. The soldiers seemed unconcerned by the child's presence as they continued with their work.

The video was then followed by a short description that read, "Russian special forces soldiers searching for mines or improvised explosive devices ahead of a joint patrol with Turkey in northern Syria."

The following are the screenshots from the video that military analyst Tom posted on his twitter page.

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Hmeymim Russia Syria Tom Tu-22Ms


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