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Afghan Girl Born On US Military Jet Named After The Jet After Being Rescued From The Talibans

According to US military sources, an Afghan girl born aboard a US military plane as her family fled Taliban authority was named Reach after the plane's code name.

While being airlifted to a US military installation in Germany, the baby's mother went into delivery. Military medics assisted the woman in delivering her baby in the plane's cargo hold as soon as the plane landed. After that, the woman and her infant were brought to a neighboring hospital.

According to General Tod Wolters, the director of US European Command, the plane that transported the Afghan family to safety was code-named Reach 828, and that's how the parents named their child.

Along with other Afghan refugees, Reach and her parents are in route to the United States. Two other babies were also born after their mothers landed at the Ramstein base, Wolters said.

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