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Top 10 Strongest Militaries In Africa 2020

10. Sudan's power rating is 1.5159

About 150 thousand people, 191 aircraft, 403 armored battle vehicles, and 18 naval assets make up their military. Most of their requirements are fulfilled by Russia and China.

9. DRC Congo: 1.4134 power score

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second-largest nation in Africa with a population of more than 80 million. After a time of widespread conflict, the country began to undergo a mysterious transition in 2003. There are 134 000 individuals in employment.

Power score for Libya is 1.2736.

Since the passing of Moammar Gaddafi, one of the continent's leaders, there has been no peace or stability in Africa. The security forces in Libya are well-prepared. Approximately 2500 armored fighting vehicles, 500 tanks, and 6500 calculated vehicles are present in the nation.

Ethiopia has a power score of 1.0901.

The only nation on the list with a coastline is Ethiopia. They have focused their energies on improving their flying corps and military. They currently employ anywhere between 140 000 and 150 000 active soldiers.

Power score for Angola is 1.0799.

The military, navy, and flying corps are the three divisions of the Angolan military FFA. They have a fighting force of around 100,000 soldiers, 285 planes, 57 warship-carrying aircraft, 580 armored warfare vehicles, and 300 tanks.

Morocco has a power score of 5.

The Imperial Army currently employs over 195 thousand people. It also has a naval force armada of 120 resources, 291 aircraft, 2720 armored vehicles, and 1000 tanks.

4. Nigeria's power rating is 0.6241

For more than ten years, their military has been battling Niko Haram. Nigeria has 6000 calculated vehicles, 250 tanks, and more than 1800 armored vehicles.

3. Power score for South Africa is 0.5665

South Africa's highly advanced military is employed for international cooperation and peacekeeping. A staggering 4.6 billion US dollars have been set aside for defense spending. Their maritime craft and airplanes are well-known for having cutting-edge technology.

Algeria has a power score of 0.4439.

The nation has built up a sizable military force, both on land and in the air. They have over 2000 defensively armored war vehicles and more than 130 thousand active soldiers.

Egypt has a power score of 0.2216.

Due to the magnitude of its Armed Forces, the North African force is ranked an impressive 12th overall.

The Egyptian military is made up of the Egyptian Army, Egyptian Navy, Egyptian Air Force, and Egyptian Air Defense Command. They have 1092 planes and naval boats, 60,000 strategic vehicles, 10,000 strongly armored combat vehicles, and a fleet of almost 500,000 vehicles.


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