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USA Issues Humanitarian Support To Ukraine, Russia Calls It Military Aid

Should USA send Ukraine only “humanitarian“ aid?That ship has sailed, baby. The Biden administration has approved a package of military aid worth $800 million. It includes items such as helicopters and 155 mm howitzers. These are not generally considered humanitarian items. The policy of the United States now appears to be to extend all aid short of war.

Besides, the policy of Russia from the beginning has been to attack civilian targets in preference to military ones. Just consider the fact that the Russians were bombing hospitals before they thought about bombing the factory where Ukraine was making antiship missiles. That is an extremely strange sense of priorities.

The Russian strategy is to brutalize the Ukrainian population in hopes that it will surrender. The Ukrainians have so far courageously resisted this strategy. It is only right and decent for the western nations to give Ukraine both military and humanitarian assistance.

Russia clearly wants NATO to think that it is willing to use tactical nuclear weapons. It should be made abundantly clear to Russia that any use of nukes — in Ukraine or in NATO territory — would be met with an equivalent counterstrikes.

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