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6 Most Tactical Military Commandos InThe World Who Can Fix a Predicament in Few Minutes of Operation

There are some military squads in the world who are extremely tactical and well-equipped with extraordinary skills. 


MARCOS is a short for of "Marine Commandos". This group is the most sophisticated special forces on earth. They have been equipped with extra advanced skills making them more dangerous. In fact, they are the main special squad after US NAVY SEALS.

2. The Exceptional Forces of the USA.

This special forces group bares the duty of liberating the oppressed. Their barge bares a pointed stone which has a saber, and three lightening bolts.

3. The GIS of ITALY.

GIS stands for Gruppo do Intervento Speciale. This squad is extremely skilled to the point that they are mainly deployed when dealing with psychological operations. They are also referred to as the "Spetsgruppa A"

4. The Seyeret Matkal of Israel

The Seyeret is an Israel special forces group trained to cut down psychological operation using their conventional techniques. Commandos from this squad are more physical individuals, eminent for high physical just as scholarly attributes.

5. The Extraordinary Service Group of Pakistan.

Imagine walking 36 miles in 24 hours and continuously running five miles in full military stuff in just fifty minutes. These are just a few of the trainings that Pakistan's Special forces undergo through in their preparation system. The Extraordinary Service Group is a very useful squad in Pakistan, and stands out as one of the best groups on planet.

6. The Public Gendarmerie Intervention Group of France.

This group's main activity is to safeguard younger students in Djibouti from catching conflicts hoodlums in Bosnia. They are one of the slickest group in the world, trained purposely to bring down Somali privateers. This group is reinstate peace in areas where there are serious conflicts.These Comandos are the best when it comes to serious wars.

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