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African Country That Export Military Weapons To US and EU

According to MGW magazine, during apartheid era, president Frederik de Klerk set-up a modest military Research and Development Corporation. Developed out of the white apartheid regime desire to keep SA blacks under military repression, South Africa arm industry is considered one of the most advanced in the non-western today.

Denzel Rooivalk is an attack helicopter manufactured by the Denel aviation of South Africa. It has improved targeting systems and other avionics which enables the helicopters to use guided missiles. It is capable of flying upside down.

South Africa defence companies exported armoured combat vehicles. Denel and Mbombe vehicles continue to hold consistent export value with UAE representing 40% of sales. They are equipt to conduct reconnaissance operations or combat engagement.

Locally produced bombs and rockets have been exported to US, Canada, Germany, Italy and other countries. Most of the weapons are exported to Africa while others are being sold to UN to be in war torn countries like Somalia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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