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Tricks Extremists Are using To Execute Their Missions Revealed As Citizens Warned

There are many several terrorists group in this world. Many have being accused of kidnapping and killing innocent people in different regions. Also some have been arrested by our police officers. Some countries have been witnessing different attacks from terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda and Al Shaabab.

According to the source, new details have emerge from Uganda about how the extremists are planning and carrying their missions. Minister of security from our neighbouring country Uganda have revealed what, the terrorist are using different tricks such as paying some innocent people to transport some packages to targeted destination. After reaching their targeted places they packages explode. I quote his statement from the source, "the extremists have several tricks of executing their missions, one of them is the delivery of packages. They will approach you and pay you to drop their package at their targeted destination, " Minister of Security from Uganda reveals. This comes in after more than 6 people lost their lives yesterday after being injured in a bomb attack. Some are still in hospital fighting for their lives.

So it is very important to be careful when transporting some packages. Stay safe

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