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Meet The BFV and The Double AV7 Amphibious Military Assault Vehicles Which Operate on Land and Sea

1. M2 Bradley fighting vehicle

The Bradley fighting vehicle BFV is available in numerous models of which the M2 designed for combat operations has a 25 millimeter Bushmaster cannon and armor crushing missiles. This type has a 600 horsepower engine and can transport up to 10 soldiers at a time. M2 Bradley fighting vehicle has a maximum speed of 56 Kilometer per hour and weighs roughly 35.5 tons. Its 600 horsepower engine used gasoline which is carries in the 586 liter tank.

2. Double AV7 Amphibious Assault Vehicle

The Double AV7 is an assault vehicle that can perform both land and marine operations for the Marine Corps. It is operated by a crew of there persons and can carry up to 25 marines. This vehicle travels up to 37 kilometers at sea and up to 483 kilometers on land. Fire cover on the Double AV7 is provided by a 25 millimeter Bushmaster machine gun, a 40 millimeter automatic grenade launcher and M2HB 50 caliber machine gun. It can achieve a maximum speed pf 72 Kilometer per hour on paved highways.

3. M109A7 Tank

For decades, the US Army's Armored Brigade Combat Team ABCT relied on the M109A6 Paladin self propelled howitzer for artillery support. However, in 2014 BAE systems, the tank manufacturer begun updating the M109A6 for improved combat performance. The resultant M109A7 featured a redesigned chassis and improved digital suite.

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