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Kenya Police And It's Departments Which You Should Know

Kenya Police Service, is a department concerned with the recruitment , training and employment of military officers. It is a ministry by itself, led by the cabinet secretary of internal and external security affairs. The main purpose is to maintain law and order. Aims at teaching the police on how to handle all weapons, including nuclear ones, public relations and their roles concerning nation service. During public holidays, the various departments in this field do entertainments like dancing, marching, skating, sky flag raising. 

Here are the divisions : 

Defense forces

Usually involved in external/ bonder security. The president is the chief commander, he approves whether the army should be send to another country incase of instability or not. During political crises, they join the local police to bring peace and unity . Kenya, has donated it's KDF to the United Nations , to help in Somalia and South Sudan, in solving the election violence . 

At the bonder, they prevent terrorists like the Al shabaab from entering into the nation, and being a threat to the citizens. 


Works for the sake of water bodies, aquatic animals and people using the resources. These work against pirates, who take advantage of sea travellers, kidnap them and even commit murder. Also save lives of those who accidentally drown in lakes, seas and oceans. 


These maintain security in airports and aircrafts. Trained on the ways of doing a tough security investigations using planes . In addition, they spray herbicides in plantations , invasion by deadly insects and help in rescuing the victims of airplane accidents. 


Deal with criminals and other prisoners . The purpose of prisons is not to harshly punishing the wrong doers, but it's making them better citizens and training them different jobs which they use to earn income after the jail terms. Thus these forces make sure the conditions in the cells and prison facilities are okay for survival. 


Work in the roads , ensure that all traffic rules are adhered to all the time. Check on insurance and licensing of vehicles, control congestion on roads and regulations of travels.

Incase of any too much distractions in the country, all these departments join hands to settle down the problems.

For you to qualify, you must have qualities like commitment, honesty, respect and be trusted by the nation.

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