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Watch What Palestinians Are Doing With This Unexploded Israeli Bomb That Has Left Kenyans Talking

The situation between Israel and Palestine continues to worsen daily. Palestinians in Gaza have been targets of constant missile bombings from Israel. The fighting has intensified, and people of various ages have lost their lives, from children to women. Several images of an unexploded bomb in Gaza residential areas have emerged. What is more shocking is how many residents have gathered close to witness. Several children and a woman are pictured standing close to the missile, unmoved. The missile believed to be part of those used in series of Monday attacks has elicited different reactions from Kenyans following the story.

''I wonder how much one of those destructive bombs cost; human beings have allowed unfit leaders to rule over them. Wasting a lot of billions to purchase military equipment instead to destroy neighbors instead of improving the living conditions of the people, misplaced priorities.'' Some said. ''Some support Israeli people while others are for the Palestinians. People should do more research, have their facts right on the ongoing issues. The fighting should stop,'' some advised. Many recognized the danger this poses to the defenseless civilians. One thing is clear, Kenyans call for a peaceful resolution, diplomacy.

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