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See Inside The Most Expensive Aircraft Ever Built In The World (PHOTOS)

Most world billionaires are making their planes as flying hotels, outfitting and pimping their million dollar flying machines. Besides, organizations such as US military, spend huge amount of money to invest in most technologically advanced, safest and more practical aircraft. There is no big deal whether the aircraft are used as luxurious private jets or military aircraft, the fact remains that they are expensive hence worth seeing.

For that reason, B 2 spirit plane is the world's most expensive plane ever built. The fighter plane was built by Northrop and was first launched in 1989. B 2 spirit was designed in a technique called 'continuous curvature' which deflects radars. This strategic bomber plane features low stealth technology designed to penetrate anti aircraft defenses and is able to employ conventional and nuclear weapons. It can drop up to 80 500 lb class JDAM GPS guided bombs.

Considering its cost, B 2 spirit by far is most expensive costing around $737 million. Besides, per hour the plane costs around $135,000 to operate. Its has a flying range of 6000 nautical miles and is refueled after every six hours. In addition, the plane boasts a top speed of about 1010 km per hour. What a powerful plane! below are amazing pictures of B 2 spirit plane.


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