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The GSU Soldiers Salary Per Month In Kenyan Shillings And Qualifications

The General Service Unit well known as GSU or "Fanya Fujo Uone" is a paramilitary wing in the Kenya Police Service. It consists of highly trained police officers, transported by seven dedicated Cessnas and three Bell helicopters. The GSU soldiers have been in existence since 1948. They have fought in a number of conflicts in and around Kenya, including the 1963 – 1969 Shifta War and the 1982 Kenyan coup.


1. Providing security to his Excellency the President, state houses / lodges.

2. Providing security for selected foreign Airlines.

3. Providing security to vital installations and strategic points.

4. Controlling rioters' mobs and civil disturbance.

5. Carrying out anti-poaching operations and escort duties.

6. Containing banditry and cattle rustling.

7. Countering terrorism activities and insurgencies.


1. Must be a Kenyan citizen.

2. He or she should possess a national identity card.

3. A minimum qualification of D+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with a D+ in Kiswahili or English languages.

4. Holders of KCSE certificate or its equivalent must be aged between 18-28 years while for diploma and degree holders should be between 18-30 years.

5. The candidate should meet the minimum requirements of chapter six of the constitution.

6. He or she should be fit mentally, physically and medically.

7. He or she should not have any criminal records or pending criminal charges.

8. For the female candidates, they should not be pregnant during the process of recruitment or the entire period of training.

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1. I PG4 Ksh. 33,990.

2. J PG5 Ksh. 36,700.

3. K PG6 Ksh, 40,100.

5. L PG7 Ksh. 45,600.

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