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Police launch an investigation after a civilian was caught with military equipment

Police are looking into how military weapons ended up at a Mombasa port auction and was sold to a civilian.

The officer retrieved 14 navy blue combat fatigues and 17 helmets from a member of the public, according to Coast Regional Police Chief Manase Musyoka.

According to the Nation, the civilian purchased the things at an auction in Mombasa, believing they might be utilized by the general population. He later discovered that the equipment belonged to the military and proceeded to the police station to denounce it.

"It's quite risky to have equipment out in public by persons who haven't been vetted or aren't performing official government activities." If someone has them, it indicates that he or she did not have good intentions. According to the Nation, Musyoka replied, "We don't use them for everyday operations."

"For the time being, we know they came through Mombasa's port." We don't want to mention the source country because it could cause confusion.

This also brought up the issue of security and imposters who rent uniforms and pretend as members of the armed services. Purity Mwambia, an investigative journalist, exposed how some renegade police officers rent out their gear to criminals in an expose.

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