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Inside The Training Of KDF's Most Dreadful But Little-Known Squad (Video)

As stated in Article 241 of the 2010 constitution and since its inception, the Kenya Defense Force (KDF) has been a force to be reckoned with.

Little known to the general public, the KDF has a Special Forces unit known for covert operations and rescue operations.

Little is known about the Gilgil unit, which is regarded the crème de la crème of the KDF, and rising to the rank of colonel is no walk in the park.

The unit, titled "for the special breed of men only", was formed in 2011 after KDF soldiers went to Somalia. Sources reported that it was the first to go to Kismayu and less than 50 of them made it landing for other soldiers.

The special forces unit consists of soldiers with high agility, precision and strength. The extent of the use of other friendly forces varies between routine operations and emergency missions.

Because of their independence from other armies, they operate independently of external assistance from other units.

Army soldiers are given in-depth information to help them carry out their duties, but never reveal the complexity of their jobs.

The unit carries out counterterrorism, hostage rescue, interdiction, surveillance and intelligence missions.

Because their mission is wrenchingly difficult, commanders are better paid and more respected than their colleagues.

As well as being the best equipped battalion in Africa, it is said to have a special A4 gun for close quarter combat.

Almost all recruits from the Kenyan Army, Kenyan Air Force and Kenyan Navy are trained abroad. KDF is recruiting Kenyans with C+ level in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) for its voluntary recruitment programme.

In October 2011, the first Special Forces entered the Somali city of Kismayu in an overnight operation.

The site is a response to the kidnapping of tourists by al-Shabaab on the Kenya-Somalia border.

A month later, they joined the African Union Mission in Somalia. In February 2012, the force joined AMISOM, the African Union mission in Somalia.

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