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Two Ways a Head Shot From a Gun Can Damage Your Brain (Video)

Of all the gunshots, we all understand that a gunshot shot to the head is the most lethal one. There is no chance of survival if at all a bullet inflicts an injury on the head. It is like a pronounced death sentence. To understand what extent of damage can be caused, it's good to examine the gun used to fire. A shotgun is more lethal than a pistol.

According to this video, here are 3 Ways a headshot from a gun can damage your brain.

1 Destroy Your Cranial Tissues

Cranial tissues are associated with the brain. When a bullet is fired, the barrel of the gun keeps it rotating. When it hits the skull, its rotating effect breaks the skull bone and exposes the tissues hence damaging them.

2 Causing Secondary Fractures

These are fractures other than that caused by the bullet. They are created when air rushes in through the hole dug by the bullet. The pressure in the skull increases, causing other damages.

A bullet also creates a larger hole at its point of exit making the chances of survival very minimal.

Video: Click here to watch the video

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