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Four Reasons Why KDF Junior Officers Must Salute Their Seniors

The Kenya Defense Forces is a disciplined force and thus, there must be rules and regulations to be followed in order to enhance better service delivery.

Picture courtesy. CinC and KDF saluting.

The KDF officers need to show that they are respective of their seniors who might be younger than them but this is not a problem at all.

Have you ever wondered why every junior officer must salute their senior in the Kenya Defense Forces whenever they pass each other?

Below are the four reasons why every junior officer must salute his senior at all times:


To salute a senior officer shows that the junior officer in rank respects their seniors which is really important in maintaining the hierarchy of command in the Kenya Defense Forces.

This is paramount in all avenues of the military as it is what ensures that the chain of command is not broken.

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Shows Discipline

It shows that the junior officer is a disciplined officer and this is one of the core values of the Kenya Defense Forces.

Discipline is paramount in order to guarantee that the force can run smoothly at all times.

Inclination to Obey Commands

Obeyance of commands is also a very important aspect of joining the military and by saluting the seniors, despite them being younger than you, shows that you can obey any command that is issued to you.

A junior officer is supposed to obey the commands that come from his seniors without question.

Recognition and Acknowledgement of Higher Ranks

It's imperative that the junior and senior officers in the Kenya Defense Forces are distinguished from each other.

This is why, when a junior officer salutes their senior, it shows that the junior officer is aware of the rank of the senior and they are acknowledging it by the salute.

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