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Hard Task Ahead for EACRF Soldiers as M23 Militants are Spotted With Heavy Military Combat Equipment

Photo: M23 Rebels on a Tank

For days, videos ( Watch Video ) have been making round on social media platforms within the Democratic Republic of Congo showing alleged fighters linked to the notorious M-23 militia group in possession of heavy military combat equipment.

News agencies in the DRC led by lead by ACTUALITE.CD have now confirmed that videos are real and were captured on North Kivu. It has also been established that the persons spotted in the videos are M23 rebels.

As reported by Sonia Rolley, lead journalist at ACTUALITE.CD the rebels are in possession of tanks, communication equipment, backpacks, army grade helmets, military uniforms and some sophisticated weapons. To put in simple terms, the militia is equiped like a regular army.

Photo: Helmets

ACTUALITE.CD has also reported that the level at which the militia group is equiped shows that there is foreign assistance. It likened the helmets being used by the militia to those used by Rwandan soldiers deployed in Mozambique.


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