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Opinion: 2 Attacks That Prove KDF Are All Round Soldiers

The training of any soldier prepares him for every possible eventuality. This includes the environment in which he will fight and the type of enemies he may encounter. Like a professional force, KDF ensures that its soldiers are trained to be all round and meet any security demands.

Most people only think that KDF soldiers are only adapted to fighting in the jungle where there is unforgiving terrain and harsh environment. However, there are two attacks that proved otherwise.

These attacks are the West Gate mall and Riverside attack by AlShabaab militants that left a dozen of Kenyans dead. Portraying their technical skills, the soldiers engaged the militants in the seemingly-difficult mission to flush them out and neutralize them.

Eventually, Kenya emerged victorious as KDF soldiers alongside police tactically infliltrated the enemy positions. This proves that KDF can still undertake modern warfare where enemies hide in buildings and take a section of people as hostages.

Do you believe in the ability of our armed forces?

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