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M23 Group In Trouble As KDF Soldiers Makes Major Announcement

Kenya Defence Forces officers who are based in DRC Congo have completed a training programme conducted by MONUSCO field Technology Systems. This is to enable the officers be able to deal with criminals and rebels who have made DRC Congo a theatre of chaos.

Kenya Defence Forces are in the DRC Congo trying to fight rebels specifically the M23 groups. It's evident and obvious that the military requires to deploy technology advancement to keep M23 at bay.

Kenya Defence Forces are seeking to deploy not only the man power but also technology to ensure criminals are silenced. Obviously, the military cannot only focus on blind war but ground network.

Raw video footage has emerged on social media platforms reinforcing suggestions that combatants from the genocidal FDLR militia are fighting alongside DR Congo army in its battle against the M23 rebel group in eastern DR Congo.

The images from DRC that aren't on our timelines. 300 people massacred last week, in Kishise village,East DRC, under M23 rebel controlled area. The other time in another part of the country we had 160 people killed 2 months ago.

Congo's M23 rebel group says it’s ready to withdraw from occupied territory in the east of the country and will lend support to regional peace-making efforts despite not being represented in talks. It also confirmed its commitment to a previously agreed ceasefire.

The group has requested a meeting with the East African Regional Force to discuss modalities and renewed its request for a meeting with the mediator and facilitator.

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